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Pulse Evolution Corporation, a majority owned subsidiary of Facebank Group, is a technology and intellectual property company, and the most globally recognized developer of hyper-realistic digital humans – computer generated assets that appear to be human and can perform in live shows, virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic, 3D stereoscopic, web, mobile, interactive and artificial intelligence applications. 


Founded by the world’s leading executives and producers of photorealistic digital humans, such as the lead character from the film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and the concert experience “Tupac at Coachella”,  Pulse Evolution is most popularly known for producing the animated digital likeness of the late Michael Jackson that appeared in a live performance of the Billboard Music Awards in 2014, seen by more than 11 million television viewers and generating more than 2,400 news articles and 98 billion Internet impressions.  More recently, Pulse Evolution worked with legendary producer and Pulse beneficial shareholder Simon Fuller, to conceive and develop Virtual ABBA, the hyper-realistic digital human alter egos of the iconic Swedish pop group ABBA.  Pulse Evolution also licensed its leading human animation technology to ABBA’s production company, for completion of Virtual ABBA, expected to appear for the first time in late 2019. 


The Company has a multi-year revenue share agreement with the Estate of Michael Jackson and the Company also counts the estates of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe as significant shareholders.

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