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As a Match-fixing is a serious matter, likely to be a confidential investigation in the months to follow, please consider the following below information as critical to an accurate and informed public discussion. 

June 6, 2024

To the Supporters of the Glorious Botafogo and to all who love football in Brasil:


As is publicly known, on 10 April 2024, the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on Match-Fixing and Sports Betting (“CPI” or “Commission”) was set up by the Brazilian Federal Senate, chaired by Senator Jorge Kajuru and reported by Senator Romário (PL-RJ).  In this regard, I trust that the honorable Senators have in their possession substantial content to move forward with the investigations, and for the appropriate measures to be duly taken.


I note that I classified the documents submitted to the police and to the Commission as confidential because, as previously mentioned, they involve third-party images and data. Leaking this information before a proper investigation may breach third-party data privacy and jeopardize the work of the CPI, the police and the Public Prosecutor Office, and even lead to allegations that the work carried out by them is null.


By means of this open letter, I restate and confirm what I said to the police and to the CPI: it is in my best interest, and always will be, to contribute with all authorities to improve the processes of transparency, quality, reliability, fair treatment and impartiality in Brazilian football. All of these principles shall be considered as cornerstones of football, which is known as a cultural heritage of the Brazilian people.


I am committed to obtaining and granting free licensing of automated VAR technology to the competent Brazilian football authorities. I am also committed to intermediating the process of installing up to 11 (eleven) cameras with this technology in all football stadiums that host Serie A matches of the Brazilian Football Championship. This new technology is capable of detecting, by means of high-resolution computer vision, the behavior and movement at every millisecond of football players and referees at the pitch. This will naturally not only contribute to curbing suspicious acts but will also guarantee an improvement in making difficult decisions during matches.


I also have confidence in the success of implementing integrity tests (including the use of polygraphs) on professional referees and football players, as long as the constitutional limitations on privacy are respected.


In addition, in view of the increasing rates of sports betting in Brazil, we need to think about measures which result positive impacts on society. In this regard, it is necessary to provide financial education to population and to adopt a system of monetary surveillance, in order to monitor the financial flow of transactions linked to betting. This will guarantee the independence and autonomy of sports betting in relation to the outcome of matches. 


I also believe that privatizing the Brazilian football league will help to ensure corporate governance, accountability and that the fundamental principles above-mentioned are respected. 


I would like to highlight to you all that my intention in this challenging endeavor is not to revise or set aside the results of past championships, nor to look for punishment of any individuals, but rather to look to our future. A future fully dedicated to an impartial, transparent and fair sport, capable of continuing to receive investments from whoever be. 


Unfortunately, I became aware of statements made by Senator Jorge Kajuru, on 21 May 2024, on his program “A Hora do Kajuru” on “Band News Radio”. Contrary to what the Senator said, I have never stated that Palmeiras won the 2022 and 2023 Brazilian Championships because it had bribed referees, nor that Palmeiras’ president, Mrs. Leila Pereira, had paid bribes to São Paulo’s players.


Although I have already said that Palmeiras has benefited from match-fixing, I have never stated that the team nor any individual actively participated in a corruption scheme. My statements as to the seriousness of the practice of match-fixing are only intended to contribute to the investigation of the unlawful acts brought to the attention of the CPI. I have never aimed to make groundless accusations about specific people or teams.


Senator Jorge Kajuru also said that he analyzed, alongside with Senator Romário, the 5 goals of the Brazilian Championship match held on 25 October 2023 between Palmeiras and São Paulo, which resulted in a 5-0 win for Palmeiras. However, he omitted the fact that, at the time I screened the videos of that match, Senator Romário was not present at the secret session of the CPI. There are several people who attended the secret session who can confirm that I did not mention Mrs. Leila Pereira’s name in my speech and that Senator Romário did not attend.


After Senator Jorge Kajuru’s unfortunate remarks, I can only express my concern about the commitment in the faithful search for the facts that I am reporting, as well as in the analysis of the material presented and the testimonies I have made.


My commitment is to the truth, to the due process and properly examining the evidence of match-fixing in Brazilian football that I have made available to the competent authorities. Therefore, I emphasize that I trust fully the work carried out by the Commission and I commend the efforts of the Senators in investigating the facts and gathering evidence, as well as summoning witnesses and those potentially involved in the unlawful practices.


I believe that the courageous work carried out by the police and the CPI will be reminded by the Brazilian society as an example of a serious, impartial and necessary confrontation against the corruption that plagues Brazilian football.


Finally, I trust that my ideas and goals are of the interest of all Brazilian football lovers and fans.

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