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FaceBank…It’s your Face...scan it, use it, share it, protect it!


Remember the day when you first gave yourself away for free. It was the beginning of the age of information as we now know it… The Internet was born and you were ready to dive in. Bit by byte, keystroke by keystroke, you began to reveal yourself to a new world, to applications you had never seen before and it was exciting. You may have once been wise about sharing your name and your information with third-party marketers, but time and technology moved even faster by the day. Before you knew it was even possible, you had lost all of yourself to the web. Your data was propagated across nodes all over the world and privacy, as we knew it, was lost.


But this new tool, this thing called the Internet, was so exciting, that you didn’t really care… You logged in, you 'got mail', you connected through chat and you posted your life on a page...You lost control of yourself, your name, your address…your privacy.  You didn’t care...because it was so much fun.


Ultimately we would learn, while we were having fun, that our assets (our photos, our names and our Faces) were not even protected. They were sold, they were hacked, they were used for objectives that may or may not be consistent with our own.


Knowing then, what you know now, about the Internet, about Facebook and the others, would you do it again? Would you trust your assets so easily the next time? Would you let them sell your email address, your address, your identity… At all? 


Well the age of the FACE is upon us. You have seen the ads, the applications…You unlock your phone with your Face, you pay for products with your Face, you turn yourself into a Pony Animoji with your Face...Well, guess what, you’re being asked that question again.


Knowing all that you know, are you really ready to give away your FACE?…It will be stored everywhere, shared with everyone...even sold from time to time.  It’s your digital asset, but you will not get paid for it…and you won’t be able able to get it back, once it’s gone.


Be smart this time. It’s your asset. Put it in the bank. Decide how and when it is used…If you ever decide to give it away in the use of an app, a greeting card, a text message, or a video game…make sure you can protect it. Make sure you can get it back. It’s your digital asset, so put it in the bank… It’s the currency of your future… Put it in FaceBank.


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