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Facebank, Inc., a minority subsidiary of Facebank Group, Inc, is a development stage company formed to become the world’s first virtual bank dedicated to the capture, storage, protection, distribution and opt-in enjoyment of the world’s faces. 


FaceBank was created by entertainment industry pioneers of facial capture and human animation who recognized early the macro trends, across diverse industries, that would be driven by the human face...for

fun, productivity and personal identification, the future is all about the Face. That said, the explosivegrowth of facial scanning, facial recognition and ‘deep fake’ facial replication comes with equal doses of excitement and risk, leaving billions of consumers exposed to the privacy risks of personal digital assets being stored, used and sold without consent.  FaceBank's mission is to educate consumers and celebrities to realize that their faces are intellectual property (‘IP’) assets and, like any other asset, faces should be protected, managed and delivered, at their discretion, by a bank…a Facebank.  


Facebank’s goal is to become the world’s protectorate of personal digital likeness assets, for celebrities and for consumer, providing fun and useful applications as people across the globe test the boundaries of what can be achieved, creatively and commercially, with their faces and with their personal IP.

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