Public Statements regarding Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas:


Hello to all supporters of the Glorious One, Botafogo, the Most Traditional. By now I hope you know that I like to speak to you directly, openly and often. We have great work to do together and I believe it helps to keep everyone up to date on all that is happening with our club. So please check back here on my personal website, from time to time, as I hope to provide you with my personal perspective on a variety of issues.

February 13, 2022Decision regarding Uniforms, Sponsorships and other contracts:

Today I chose to formally reject several commercial agreements which I believe encumber the global presentation of our glorious Botafogo brand, contracts which I believe are not reflective of the strategic objectives of the new Botafogo FR SAF. The cancellation of these uniform, sponsorship, and other contracts will make way to a multitude of new opportunities and agreements that will better reflect this historic moment in our club's history and better support our ambitions to build a new tradition of success for The Most Traditional.

Specifically regarding uniforms, in due course, we will  bring to Botafogo a new uniform and apparel partner, recognized for high quality and large-scale distribution, which will powerfully support the globalization of our deserving Botafogo brand. 

It is an historic moment for Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas and a new era for professional football in Brazil.  We look forward to engaging with many new partners and supporters who will enjoy becoming a part of our journey!

With my warmest regards, John